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Martial Combat Tracker

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Our Martial combat tracker allows you to easily track some of the most important modifiers for your favorite Fighter, Paladin or Cleric as they charge into battle, weapon at the ready! With a turn of the magnetic dials you can keep track of “To Hit” and “Damage” bonuses for martial and ranged weapons in addition to tracking your current Armor Class. A great gift for new players trying to wrap their heads around all the information they need to remember, and for low level game play where these stats frequently change. Your tracker comes with small “handles” unattached in the event you would prefer to use the tracker that way, but they can be easily glued on if you wish. See video to watch how it works.

  • Dimensions: 4.125” x 3.375”
  • Maple: $49.95
  • Walnut: $54.95
  • Padauk: $59.95
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